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Two Ways to Live

2021 Version

Phillip Jensen

Two Ways to Live

2021 Version

Phillip Jensen



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Two Ways to Live, 2021 edition. New graphics, adjusted wording that takes into account changing culture, a tightening of the presentation, and using the 2011 NIV translation.

The strength of Two Ways to Live as a gospel outline is that it explains the gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of the overarching story of the Bible, giving the non-Christian hearer or reader all the presuppositions and assumptions they need to grasp the real significance of Jesus' death and resurrection. In other words, whilst it is a brief and logical presentation, it provides all the foundations a non-Christian needs to know in order to become a Christian.

  • Title

    Two Ways to Live

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    Phillip Jensen

  • Series

    Two Ways To Live

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    Matthias Media

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    Adults, Enquirer / Seeker

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