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Bible Reading With Your Kids

A simple guide for every father

Jon Nielson



Bible Reading With Your Kids

A simple guide for every father

Jon Nielson



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Bible Reading With Your Kids calls on fathers to see the crucial importance of reading God's word with their kids and highlights the power of God's word as sufficient to create lasting faith even in young children. It encourages fathers to engage their children with the actual words of Scripture and to do this it provides lots of practical advice including tips on everything from choosing which chunks of Scripture to read, to helping your child to stay focused. Provides concrete examples of what this can look like, particularly in the appendix.

  • Title

    Bible Reading With Your Kids

  • Author(s)

    Jon Nielson

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    Matthias Media

  • Topic

    Parenting, Bible Reading

  • Audience

    Male, Parents

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Jon Nielson

Jon Nielson

Jon Nielson has served in pastoral and college ministry for the past ten years, most recently at Princeton University. He and his wife have three young daughters, and are passionately committed to teaching them God’s word and raising them to love and worship Jesus Christ.

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Helpful practical guide

Reading through this felt at times as though you were there watching in as the author read the Bible with his family. It's always helpful to see what other people do, even if you wouldn't copy it exactly, as there's always useful bits that you can pick up and learn. It's a really practical, straight to the point, short guide which gives you longer term ideas and methods to help improve how you can try and read the Bible with your kids. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to know how they may go about doing this with their family (which will be nearly all Christian families!) and it immediately helped to improve the way I do it with mine! A minor point but the author does mention that using the ESV as a good literal translation is what he recommends for family readings - I'm not entirely convinced as it can be hard enough for adults to follow along when read out loud so the ESV especially will be for children too...but some families may like to do this but we all tend to have our own preference on translations anyway - the main thing is to help our families get further into the Bible whatever translation we use and this book certainly helps with that so do read this book!

Nick Brake

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