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Suffering & Evil [Little Black Books]

Scott Petty

Suffering & Evil [Little Black Books]

Scott Petty



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Sooner or later we're all affected by suffering and evil sometimes in horrible ways and we often want to know why. In this short book, Scott Petty guides us through the Old Testament story of Job a man who suffered excruciating pain and grief without ever knowing why. On the way through, Scott deals with some of the common questions people have about suffering and evil: Why do bad things happen to Christians? Does God cause suffering? Is God in control of suffering and evil? Like all the Little Black Books, this one gets straight to the point.

  • Title

    Suffering & Evil [Little Black Books]

  • Author(s)

    Scott Petty

  • Series

    Little Black Book

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  • Publisher

    Matthias Media

  • Age Range

    12-14s, 15-18s

  • Topic

    Answering Questions, Suffering / Loss

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Scott Petty

Scott Petty

Scott Petty is the youth minister at Christ Church St Ives in Sydney, and loves the tricky questions young people ask about the Christian journey. He also loves his beautiful wife, Carolyn, his three energetic sons, racing bicycles, Italian coffee, food in general, rock‘n’roll and Apple computers, probably in that order.

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