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Hope for All the Earth

Understanding the Story of the Old Testament

Mitchell L Chase


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Hope for All the Earth

Understanding the Story of the Old Testament

Mitchell L Chase


The whole Old Testament is the story of Jesus Christ, but it is so easy to limit ourselves to familiar verses, books, and passages, without ever understanding the full picture. We struggle to imagine where each book and prophecy and narrative fits into that grand story.

In this helpful guide, Mitchell L Chase takes us, step by step, through the whole sweep of the Old Testament, through its stories and songs, through its prophecies and promises, and shows us how each one points us to the coming Saviour, and God's plan rescue us from our sin and establish his everlasting kingdom.

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    Hope for All the Earth

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    Mitchell L Chase

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Understand how the Old Testament points to Jesus

An accessible, chronological overview of the Old Testament that reveals how its people and stories continually foreshadowed the coming of Christ. Read this book if you desire a greater understanding of the unfolding story of salvation!

(As an employee of 10ofThose, I received a copy for free, but was not required to give a positive review)


Old Testament Theology in 88 Pages

What took me a myriad of seminary classes to learn is clearly articulated in this little book (under 100 pages!) Jesus is the hope for all the earth and the story of the Old Testament is one that continually points to this truth. Mitchell Chase does a wonderful job at clearly and concisely retelling the Old Testament narrative in a way that brings this to light. Well worth a read, especially if you struggle to see how the Old Testament teaches us about Jesus.

*I am an employee of 10ofThose but was not required to give a positive review.


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