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The Dawn of Heaven Breaks

Anticipating Eternity

Sharon James



The Dawn of Heaven Breaks

Anticipating Eternity

Sharon James



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Our age lives for the present. Christians look forward to the future. Our age exalts youth. God calls us to respect the elderly. Our age idolizes health. The Bible says that despite illness now, we will have glorified bodies in the new heavens and the new earth. Our age fears death. For Christians, it is the entrance to the immediate presence of Christ.

This beautifully presented anthology gathers together some of the hymns and Bible passages that have been of most comfort to those who are facing illness, aging and death. It also includes quotations from well-loved preachers and authors. As with any anthology, you can dip in and out and read just a section at a time.

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    The Dawn of Heaven Breaks

  • Author(s)

    Sharon James

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    Evangelical Press

  • Topic

    Death / eternity

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Sharon James

Sharon James

Sharon James is an author and conference speaker, who has spoken to many different audiences on biblical womanhood, both in the UK and abroad. She has degrees in history (Cambridge University) and theology (M.Div., Toronto Baptist Seminary), and a doctorate from the University of Wales. She has taught History in the UK and Malawi. Sharon now works for the Christian Institute.

Her books include Ann Judson: A Missionary Life for Burma, God’s Design for Women, In Trouble and in Joy, Elizabeth Prentiss: ‘More Love to Thee’ (published by the Trust), and Gentle Rain on Tender Grass: Daily Readings from the Pentateuch. Sharon is married to Bill, who is pastor of Emmanuel Church, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England, where they have been since 1991. Bill and Sharon have two grown up children.

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5.0 based on 2 reviews

A very easy book

It is a very easy book to read and has been well laid out. Many common questions regarding heaven are addressed and each theme builds on those preceding. Sharon James gives insight into the background and Christian experience of the many evangelical authors she quotes from. The subject has been well researched and the book includes many wonderful extracts, including a particularly memorable description of heaven penned by Jonathan Edwards. Lesser–known and fuller versions of well–loved hymns on the theme of eternity are gathered together. The subtitle ‘Anticipating Eternity’ is an apt description of the experience of the reader. The various excerpts and quotes reach a climax as the book draws to a close with the life and experience of Samuel Rutherford as expressed in the full version of Anne Ross Cousin’s hymn, ‘Immanuel’s Land’ — based on his life. Undoubtedly this book will be a help to pastors and a comfort to any bereaved Christian. The short chapters and sections lend themselves readily to being dipped into or used for a more extended time of meditation. However, the scope and value of this book is much broader. Every Christian would gain much from viewing life from the perspective of heaven: Eternal glories gleam afar to nerve my faint endeavour This book will re–motivate and inspire any discouraged soul and provide a timely reminder of the goal and hope of our faith.

Ruth Williams

Bought a whole pile

This is a lovely book. It contains extracts from the Bible and other writings, intended to help us think about our own mortality and prepare for death. The material is well–chosen and helpful. Christians need to think about their death, the manner of it, and what they are looking forward to – this book helps enormously. We have now bought a whole pile of copies to give away to friends and family, and use it with sick and dying friends.

K Moss

Added to basket!

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