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Mama Bear Apologetics Study Guide

Hillary Ferrer

Mama Bear Apologetics Study Guide

Hillary Ferrer


When your kids come home from school asking questions about everything from moral relativity to cultural Marxism to whether God even exists, you need to be prepared with biblically sound answers. With this user-friendly companion to the bestselling book Mama Bear Apologetics®, you’ll understand the secular worldviews your children face every day and build the foundation of faith and knowledge you need to equip them to respond to culture’s lies.

Perfect for individual or group study, this study guide will help you… examine more thoroughly the issues facing your children, and analyze them from a biblical perspective discover practical ways to empower your kids with God’s wisdom for cultural challenges counter nonbiblical viewpoints with truth, love, kindness, and respect.

Knowing what is true is the best way to argue against what is false. The Mama Bear Apologetics® Study Guide will ready you to be confident as you seek effective ways to help your kids stand strong.

  • Title

    Mama Bear Apologetics Study Guide

  • Author(s)

    Hillary Ferrer

  • Series

    Mama Bear

  • ISBN


  • Publisher

    Harvest House

  • Topic

    Parenting, Gender & Sexuality

  • Audience

    Parents, Female

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